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Amateur vs. Professional
February 3, 2021
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February 17, 2021

The unique opportunity presented to us almost a year ago still exists. 

Even as we grow restless.

Even as we look forward to the end of the health crisis. 

That opportunity is TIME. 

We’re all eager for more in-person connections, travel, and events. But we have a least a few more months left, and we can all take advantage of the extra time we have to grow our businesses. 

Staying Connected

In real estate, it’s essential to stay connected to both our clients and our colleagues. Fortunately, there are countless ways to connect, even if it’s not in person. 

Zoom calls, live streams, Clubhouse, and more technology allows us to connect. Live events are taking place online, eliminating travel days. I’ll admit, I prefer events and networking in person, but there is a plus to the virtual conferences: 

You can log in to a virtual session from your home or office, learn new skills and tactics, and start implementing them into your business immediately. No travel days. No extra day to recover. No scrambling to get caught up with your clients, only to push off the implementation of new tactics to another day. 

Virtual happenings may not replace in-person connection completely, but it does offer an opportunity to seamlessly take action while staying connected.

Don’t Disappear

I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners completely change how they handle business, pivoting and adjusting to the times. 

I’ve also noticed a lot have disappeared. 

They’ve gone silent, waiting for a sense of normalcy to return. 

It’d be easy to disappear right now, but it’s also detrimental. The time that was once utilized for attending conferences, going to charity events, traveling, and attending black-tie dinners can now be applied to building your brand. 

Plan for the Things You Want

As you take advantage of this time, know that it won’t last forever (even though it feels that way at times). So, look ahead. Plan some travel for 2022. Prioritize what you want to do as the pandemic begins to fade. 

Knowing that this time, this opportunity won’t last forever will give you extra incentive to use it as an investment. 

Invest that time in yourself and your business.