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September 15, 2021
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September 29, 2021

Starting today, 90% of your marketing budget should go into video production. This video will give you a real-life example and explain why this may be the only option you have left.

Video Marketing

First, let’s jump into the all-time real estate coach, Tom Ferry, talking about exactly why this is essential for your business. So many people say to put a video into your marketing plan, it’s mandatory now. The styles of video, different types of video, are limitless. You can be putting into your business, which again is necessary going forward. These are examples to produce an easy video, so you don’t have to overthink it, so you can take action and start creating the video.

Ferry refers to the 62 lessons he learned, and he’s giving an example of a partnership with 62 years of experience. They use a fun number like that and develop the most straightforward video show to start producing. For example, 52 questions over the next 52 weeks, a question and answer (Q & A) show that grows over the next year. It’s so easy to surf through your inbox and find at least 52 questions consumers ask you. 

I guarantee that if you’re finding these questions, they’ve also asked Google. The same question that’s been asked Google is your video title. That way, when your audience is looking for the answer to that question, it will populate. It will show up on Google, Google owns YouTube, and you will have a video there for your community, for the consumers looking for an answer. 

Speaking With Tom Ferry

My first YouTube show, which was crappy, I was editing it myself off of Windows. I was lost. But I was emailing it out, putting it out there on Facebook, doing whatever I could organically.

I was actually on Tom Ferry’s podcast, and I gave an example of doing video consistently. It’s a simple format show, similar to The Real Word podcast, where I pick trending topics in the news, real estate-related, and give my thoughts on them. I initially didn’t get much traction producing that show consistently, but the right person saw the video. Here’s what I said on Tom’s podcast.

Opportunity Deals

In the beginning, I never got emotional about how many comments, thumbs up, and shares I was getting on my content. If I was going to beat the standard agent, the number one agent, in my marketplace, it wasn’t going to happen over the newspaper. Our community had seen them in the newspaper for the last 30 years, and I had to do something. I saw a video with Gary Vaynerchuk, he was talking on REMAX, and since then, my mindset has changed.

I told myself to start a weekly show, and it’s shocking how many people are still not producing weekly video content. All you need is the right person to see it. It’s a human tendency to stop producing if you do not see the feedback from the content you put out there. But it just takes that one meeting to move the needle. It’s that one new construction meeting can lead to multiple new construction projects.

I got my foot in the door because the sisters of a developer were searching on Google for an answer to their question, “why are these homes not selling, who can sell these homes, who’s doing creative marketing?” They came across my video, liked what I had to say, and invited me in for a conversation. 

At the end of the day, we know we need conversations to equal closings, new developments, and everything else we’re trying to achieve in our business, and you can engage with more people.

New Marketing

Think about how often you consume social media, liking, sharing, and commenting. All you need is the right person to do the same thing on your content, and if it’s the right time, they’re going to reach out, or they’re going to email it over to somebody who needs to have a conversation with you now. 

Video production is going to be your only option to get business. By that, I mean marketing has significantly changed. Chris Smith, the co-founder of Curaytor, says our marketing is no longer compliant, and he talks about the privacy laws that are changing. These are actual laws that will inhibit you from following people around the internet and keeping people in your CRM for months and even years. Go check out that video, and you’ll understand more. 

The Meaning Behind Building A Brand

Building a brand means consistently putting out content that people learn from. If possible, with your content, people will want to consume every week or daily, but you need to start with weekly or monthly videos. Uploading content every other week or sporadically is not going to be enough. Pick a day in your calendar every week, shoot that weekly show or Q&A that’s educational, or send out tips from your content. 

It comes down to video production, your content, which is going to help and educate. As we advance, you need people reaching out to you because you are the expert in your community, and you are the voice.