Your Greatest Opportunity: Time
February 10, 2021
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Why 87% of Agents Fail
February 24, 2021

Maybe you knew exactly who he was when he performed at the Super Bowl.

Or maybe you’re one of the many people who did not know who The Weeknd was, until you saw the halftime performance. 

Even more than the performance, the thing that captured people’s attention was The Weeknd invested $7 million of his own money to put on the Super Bowl halftime show.

A Branding Move

Super Bowl performers never get paid for their performance at the halftime show – it’s solely for publicity. But rarely do they invest their own money into it. 

Since that performance, The Weeknd gained over half a million followers, rose to the top of all the charts with his songs, and his sales are up 400%. 

But it wasn’t about the short-term success, which is obvious. It’s more about the long-term branding opportunity that The Weeknd captured with that investment. 

Think Long-Term

What do I mean by that? 

From now until his career is over. The everyday person that saw that halftime show, when The Weeknd in town for a concert, might decide to buy tickets for their family because they know who he is. He’s also working on a documentary about the halftime show, where he will get his story of a $7 million investment out to even more people. 

The story that he invested $7 million is everything – an instant hit in all of the newspapers and the news outlets. It’s something people will remember.

How does this relate to my Real Estate Career?

So what does a halftime performance has to do with real estate?

It’s what I’ve been saying for years – branding is a long-term move. 

What are you willing to invest into your business to be remembered forever? 

In the real estate industry, you know the company’s snatching up the headlines are companies like Zillow buying ShowingTime or CoStar buying Homesnap. These types of acquisitions are stealing the show.

If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a business builder, then you understand your brand is the only thing that’s going to protect your business long-term. 

That doesn’t mean you have to invest millions to build your brand.

In this world of tech, you can start today by controlling what you can: produce more content than anybody else. 

Does it require time?


Should you put some money behind ad spend?

Yes (once you’ve established some cash-flow).

But for the most part, this can be an inexpensive way to build your brand and last in the industry. 

If you haven’t started, you need to start today. 

And when you get your Super Bowl moment, you’ll be ready for it, because you’ve been training every single day. 

Let’s go pay the price.