It’s 2020. You are on Notice.
January 3, 2020
Why I Ditched my Evening Routine
January 15, 2020

The dream of becoming a real estate agent or entrepreneur is often met with lofty visions, including:

  • I get to be my own boss!

  • I don’t have to go to the office!

  • I can make my own hours!

And it’s true.

You are in charge of your schedule, hours, and work priorities. 

You are also the one to blame when things go wrong. 

Become an Employee

Many people enter the industry because they are tired of being an employee, working for someone else. Yet most people (over 85%) don’t last. 


When you throw away all the accountability that goes along with being an employee, you throw away your chances of being successful.

We are not employees, but we need to be accountable like one to protect our life dreams. 

Begin to think of yourself as an employee of your life. 

Instead of answering to your boss, answer to your future.

Instead of working 9-5, create a schedule that accommodates your dreams. 

Instead of submitting a timeline for a big project, determine the end dates for your goals. 

Own Your Schedule

How many times have you gone home and realized you didn’t do the tasks you set out to do that day?

Do not confuse flexibility over your schedule for more time to get things done. 

If you don’t commit to a schedule and plan out each task to complete, chances are you will find something better to do. 

Here are some scheduling tips to keep you on track:

  • Plan Tomorrow Today. Before you go home at the end of the day, schedule a 30-minute block of time to plan out the next day. List out your most critical tasks and put them in your calendar. 

  • Use your calendar. Time blocking only works if you refer to your calendar. When you find yourself getting distracted or making excuses, go back to your calendar and complete the task you scheduled. 

  • Be realistic. Add in driving time and breaks to your schedule. 

  • Don’t let anyone steal your time. You planned your day for a reason. When you head into the office, and a team member wants to catch up, it’s easy to get distracted. Instead, tell them, ‘Hey, I’m committed to working on these tasks for the next two hours. Let’s schedule another time to catch up.’

  • When you are home, be home. For most, working from home isn’t productive long-term. Get out of the house to work: go to your team office, a coffee shop, library, or shared work space. Once your day is done, don’t bring work home with you. When you are at home, focus on being with your family, downtime, and household projects. 

As a real estate agent, you need to be focused on your current clients as well as building a pipeline so that you will have future clients. Schedule in time to prospect, build a brand, complete paperwork, and communicate with your current buyers and sellers.

How do you stay committed to your future?