The Key To Brand Building In Real Estate
November 16, 2021

The Perfect Calendar for Real Estate Agents.

This daily schedule is for someone who wants to become a top producer in their market and make as much money as possible. If you as a new agent have the luxury to put in unlimited hours, then this schedule is for you. Here is an outline of a perfect calendar for highly motivated agents.

5 AM

If you’re going to get after your day and get ahead of people, you should be waking up at 5 am and doing something for yourself. Whether it’s going to the gym, meditation, something healthy, or something mindset-related. Whatever it is, make it something all about you. You can always feel free to dial into our 5 AM call Monday-Saturday at 319.527.3256

7 AM

This is the time to shower, eat breakfast, and start your commute.

8 AM

You need to be in the office by at least eight o’clock, if not sooner. Again, this isn’t the schedule for everyone. This is for people who have the ultra-luxury of putting in this kind of time. By 8, you should be prepping for your day and any calls you have, as well as sending any emails that need to go out. 

8:30 AM 

This is when you start making your most important calls and texts of the day. Let people know you are on the money and ready to go. 

9 AM

If you’re on a team, this would be the time for some type of team huddle or a role-play.  Even the best in this industry sharpen their skills. It could be a quick roleplay or team-building exercise, just something to get the day going.

9:30 AM

This is arguably your most important time of the day. This is when you should be making all your calls and follow-ups. All the money is in following up religiously with people.

11 AM 

This is a great time for some type of quick training. You should train every day. Maybe for you, that’s just listening to an informative podcast or doing training with your team. 

12 PM

Now we’re into appointment time. First of all, never go to lunch alone. If you’re going to lunch, go with somebody and have a networking lunch. After lunch, you may be out on buyer appointments. This time until six o’clock is how you’re going to get paid. Meeting people for appointments or meeting with somebody in your network face to face.

Additionally, you could make an appointment for yourself to drop by past clients’ homes and give them something of value, such as a December marketing report. Your calendar should be filled with listing and buyer appointments during the afternoon. 

7 PM

Preferably you’re going to wrap up somewhere around 7. Of course, you’re going to need to do some family time. It’s also important to make time for a couple of follow-ups and have your schedule for your day tomorrow. The best CEOs in the world come into work with their whole day printed out in front of them and they’re just getting whisked from appointment to appointment by their multiple assistants. Most of us don’t have multiple assistants,  but most of us aren’t good enough to just go out there and wing it every single day.

9 PM

By now, you should be getting ready for bed and have your schedule for the following day finalized. It’s critical to get a good night’s sleep, aim for eight hours a night. Some of your clients may want late meetings, so your location is going to determine some of your schedule and when you’ll go to bed. If you’re in the majority of towns in America or cities or small cities or suburbs, the schedule that I just laid out will be perfect.

It’s important that you write out whatever your perfect calendar is. The agents in your market that are sleeping until eight o’clock and then getting their day started are putting themselves at a disadvantage. When you wake up at 8, you’re getting right into calls and texts and emails, and all the drama that’s coming at you each and every single day. It’s really hard to get ahead of the other agents who are getting up early. Know your morning routine, know your night routine, and know your slots of when you’re willing to take appointments. Whatever schedule works for you, make sure it’s living in your Google Calendar or your Outlook calendar, whatever your digital calendar is. Going into 2022, it’s really important that we are able to communicate with those that we work with and our clients and have a meticulous schedule. 

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