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August 13, 2019
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August 30, 2019

It seems like every day we hear about a “disruptor” in the real estate industry.

But let’s face it: Zillow, iBuyer platforms, and new technologies aren’t going anywhere.

So instead of complaining, think about what you can do to make your brand, and your business, stand out from the competition.

A Week of Reflection

This week, it’s back to business after attending the 2019 Tom Ferry Success Summit. Being immersed in so much energy, passion, and new information is always exciting. We come back home with an endless list of ideas that we want to implement right away. But trying to do too much at once can lead to zero results. Reflecting this week, I have been thinking about what is most important to move to the next level.

One speech that continues to have an impact on me was by Tom Bilyeu.

The topic?

Boredom in your business.

Lean into Boredom

Boredom is something we need to start paying more attention to. There’s an ADHD mentality that seems to be taking over. We start one project, then quickly become distracted by something new and exciting. We start a second project, and it doesn’t take long before the next shiny object pulls us away.

When we focus our attention on one thing and strive to become the best in that area, we are bound to repeat the same tasks day after day. To become the best and dominate in the marketplace, we must master one skill.

And we all know what it takes to master a skill.

10,000 hours.

No doubt, doing the same thing over and over leads to boredom. The small, mundane tasks that must be completed aren’t shiny and new. Even after a mere 500 hours, it loses its spark, making the journey to mastery feel dull and uninspired.

In his speech, Tom Bilyeu encouraged us to lean in more to the boredom; to crave the mundane tasks, until mastery and domination are evident.

The Mundane leads to Mastery

How can you grow your brand if it’s not obvious and clear that you dominate, without question, one thing?

And, should we be trying to grow other segments if we are not the dominant player in our niche?

Finding the niche in your business, and repeating those mundane tasks until mastery, will help you become a dominant force in your marketplace. By focusing your time on what you are actually great at – your niche – you can continue to grow and expand until everyone knows you are the person or company to turn to.

From there, it may be possible to branch out, begin a new business venture, and build new skills. But until then, the focus should remain on your strengths, your niche, your main offering to consumers.

What are you doing day-to-day that is distracting you from mastery?