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How Close Are You to Success?
If you’re newly licensed or are an agent who hasn’t seen success in real estate yet, this is definitely for you. There are three things you need to do immediately if you want to be a successful real estate agent or realtor. I’m a real estate broker and investor. Our team this year is going to do about 500 transactions almost $200 million, but I was once in your position. I was a new agent, I didn’t have any success, and I needed a path to become successful. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top three ways to boost your success as a Real Estate Agent. I  also talk about three books that will give you the skills to set you apart in business.

Create a Plan

The number one thing you need to do to become a successful real estate agent right now is to create a plan. A plan could be as simple as telling yourself you’re going to do double-digit sales this year and get double-digit reviews. You could say “I’m going to do 20 transactions, closings, and I’m going to get at least 15 reviews out of those 20 transactions”

Step two of that plan is figuring out how you’re going to get there. You need 50 real estate-related conversations to get to a closing. So if you want 20 deals, 50 times 20 is 1000 conversations. If you want to work for 300 days, divide 1000 by 300 to figure out how many conversations you need to have every single working day. So, create a simple plan, maybe just one page,  on exactly what you’re going to accomplish within your first year. 

Join a Team

Join a team that is going to support your plan and has a proven track record of training,  agent growth, and agent development.  If you haven’t had success in your real estate career, or you’re brand new, you’re going to need the support and the training to get you there in those first 12 – 36 months, which is a whole lot quicker than you’re going to do it learning on your own. 

There are so many different layers to this business. If you start on your own because the license was easy to get and you think the business is easy to get,  you’re going to end up as part of the 88% of agents that fail by their fourth year in real estate. Why did 88% of those agents fail? Because they tried to go at it alone.

Be a student

Reach out to people that can be a mentor for you in this business. Get as many layers of accountability and mentors and people that can help you navigate this crazy world of being a 1099 contractor.

Be on the right team and be a student, always learning from your team. And from other mentors, people who have done things in this business that you are attempting to do alright,

There are also three books that I’m going to suggest that  are right in line with that it’s right in line with the connection to other people

The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents by Hal Elrod: This book will help you define what your morning, daily,  and night routines are going to be.  Hal Elrod wrote this book and then he wrote the foreword to Tribe of Millionaires. 

Tribe of Millionaires by Tim Rhode, David Osborn, Pat Hiban, and Mike McCarthy: This one is all about connection and accountability. You’re going to need massive layers of accountability if you want to be successful. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie: You’ve probably heard about this book, but if you’re starting a sales career and haven’t read this you need to immediately.

Remember the top three ways to boost your success as a Real Estate Agent and check out the three books that will give you the skills to set you apart in business. If you enjoyed this, leave a comment down below and share this with someone else who’s starting the real estate journey.

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