Questions to Ask Before Joining a Team
July 29, 2020
record breaking summer and how to educate clients
Record-Breaking Summer: What it Means and How to Educate Clients
August 12, 2020

This year, we’ve all been thrown off course. Some agents are thriving amidst all the chaos of 2020, while others have been left behind. 

I recently hosted a webinar where I shared how to succeed in your first year of real estate. I quickly realized – these aren’t tips to follow in year one. They are the foundational requirements needed to continuously level up – no matter how many years you have been in the industry. 

The basics. 

Yes, there are the disruptors we’ve been talking about the past few years, but our ability to generate leads within our community still exists.

There is still time left in the year. Go back to the basics: I’m talking Real Estate 101. Execute on these 11 things better than anyone else you are competing with, and the remainder of your year will be phenomenal. 

Full-Time Commitment

If you are not a full-time agent, it’s time to go all-in. Enough said.

Forms and Scripts 

Consistently review the forms in your market. These include all your buyer and seller forms, as well as addendums. When timelines are tight, you don’t have time to waste on questions about how to fill out a form. 

You also need to know the scripts and language to convert buyers and sellers. Role-play your scripts every day for at least 30 minutes before you follow up with buyers and sellers. 


Continue to train yourself and pile up resources. There are so many types of training readily available: online, with your team, with your brokerage, in-person. With a great deal of free information out there, there is no excuse for not improving your skillset every week.


Who is holding you accountable? Too many times, agents set lofty goals, gain some momentum, and then burn out. Make sure this doesn’t happen by finding a colleague, coach, or someone you trust to hold you accountable. 

Local Market

Know your local market inside and out. Study your MLS every day, and know how many homes sold and went under contract. If you are looking to get into new territory, take the time to drive past the homes that are selling so you can learn the neighborhood and view properties. 


Real estate is a sales position. Know where your leads are coming from, and work those leads! We all know there is a lot to juggle, but at the end of the day, focus on closing deals so you can get personal reviews and continue assisting more clients. 


Whether it is your team leader, or you invest in a coaching program, you need a coach to help you define your systems, schedule, and the activities that bring you sales. 

Prospect Calls

If you don’t block time in your schedule for prospecting, it won’t happen. Every day, set time aside to make calls and set appointments so you can continue to fill your pipeline with new business. 

Leverage Assets

Are you leveraging all your assets? Think about everything you already have – from your own investments, your sphere of influence, and your team or brokerage – and use everything you can to your advantage. 


Rejection is part of the business. Be ok with hearing ‘no,’ and continue offering resources to everyone you come into contact with – even those who reject you. You never know who will be ready for your services in the future. 

Social Media

Post every day on social media. The more you show your sphere you are not only in the business, but also serious about succeeding, the more they will see you as the expert to refer. 

Which basic strategies have you been neglecting? Time to get back to it!