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February 6, 2020
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Position Yourself for Luck

You are going to reach new levels of success at some point in your career.

So much success, that somebody is going to have the audacity to say, “Wow, you’re so lucky.”

Really, you’re the only one who will know everything that went into your triumphs.

Days of waking up early to start your morning right. Long nights of putting in the work after everyone else has left.

The saying is true:

The harder you work, the luckier you get. 

If you work hard, you’re going to master new skills and achieve more.

But there’s also nothing wrong with leaning into luck. You can even strategically place yourself so you are more likely to get lucky.


Let Luck Find You 

Position yourself to catch lucky breaks three ways: physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


Where are you spending your time?

Think about where you work: the location, the company or brokerage, the people. You spend a significant amount of time in this place. Is it a place that is open to new opportunities where luck can find you?

You’ll also want to think about where you spend your leisure time. Are you spending time in places where you can meet new people and get access to the type of clients you want to work with? 


Being in the right place physically isn’t enough if you are not prepared to take action. 

Whether you strike up a conversation online, over the phone, or in person, you need to be mentally prepared to ask for what you want. Get ready to have the conversations and ask the uncomfortable questions if you want to achieve your goals.


Not every person you encounter will give you a lucky break. Are you emotionally prepared to handle the rejections that will come your way? 

You have a 0% chance of getting what you want if you don’t ask for it. And while most people may not even respond to your requests, all you need is the 1% who do. If you are reaching out consistently enough, somebody will respond. 

At some point, luck will come your way, and you will need to be emotionally ready to seize the moment. 

Luck will never replace hard work, but it can accelerate your success.

Are you ready for luck to find you?