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November 3, 2020
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We all know that motivation wears off.

When you set a new goal, you start strong, filled with inspiration. But after a few weeks, you begin to slack. If you don’t have a strong commitment or a why that resonates with you, you’ll never reach your goal.

That’s why discipline and accountability are so important; when the motivation wanes, you have what it takes to see your goal through to the end. 

But there will still be moments of intense motivation. When you have one of these motivation surges, tap into it for as long as you can

My Three Biggest Surges of Motivation

When I first started my career in real estate, I had just lost everything. My back was to the wall; I had to succeed. So for the first year of my real estate sales career, I was waking up on fire each and every single day. I had this supreme motivation to succeed. Because it was so strong, because I had lost everything in, my attachment to that motivation made it last for over a year.

The second time I had a big surge of motivation, was about four years into my career. had my first daughter. I remember leaving the hospital and saying, ‘Well, you’ve just been playing way too small, Byron.’ For the next year, I remembered that feeling of walking out of the hospital. In the year that followed, I launched a new company, moved to a new county, and leveled up my business. I changed everything in a 12-month period because I knew I had to stop playing small. 

And now, just last week, I believe I found my third surge of real motivation with the birth of my second daughter. There are goals and commitments I’ve been putting on my vision board and discussing with my wife for a couple of years. I know that this is the year to make them come to fruition. It’s time to seize the moment and utilize this new surge of motivation. 

Make the Most of Your Motivation

When you get one of these big surges of motivation – get everything you can out of them. I know with the birth of my second daughter, this new motivation will likely last about one year. 

For me, this means one thing: it’s go time. 

Think back to when you last had a big surge of motivation. What were your thoughts? How did you feel? How can you tap back into that motivation to make some moves in the coming months?

And the next time you get a wave of motivation, take advantage and knock down the most important goals in your life.