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Mentors and Masterminds

I read an article recently where the author advised agents to stop spending money on coaching.

I couldn’t disagree more. 

People who don’t want to stretch themselves or go for more growth will eventually get taken out of business by the people who do. 

Why are Mentors Important?

Anytime you can learn from someone who has more expertise or a different viewpoint is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

Having a coach is an opportunity to be mentored by someone more creative, more knowledgeable, or more successful than you. 

A mentor could also be someone who has the tools to set a goal, put out a business plan, and hold you accountable. We all know that new ideas and goals can set you on fire in the beginning, only to fizzle out a few months later. A coach will continuously check-in and make sure you do the work and accomplish the goals. 

How do you choose a mentor?

If you are brand new in the industry – and this applies to any industry – start with one mentor you trust, so you don’t get weighed down with too many voices. 

As you get your feet under you, determine what your core values in the business are. With your core values as your base, you can start to expand and get a taste of what other people are doing. 

You can build up to a few mentors who you can learn from, providing you with a range of different insights and experiences. 

The Power of Masterminds

I am in a mastermind with eight other people, and I am number nine on the totem pole. 

Mastermind groups, like mentorships, allow you to learn from other people. The difference being everyone in a mastermind group has similar goals. It’s a place where I get to check in with eight other people who will dissect what I am doing and hold me accountable to my goals. 

Every year, every week, every day, I want to learn from people who are doing more than me. Mentors and masterminds allow daily growth to take place.