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Maximize Your Time while getting Your Real Estate License

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A pre-licensing real estate course prepares you to pass the state exam, but it doesn’t actually teach you what you should be doing when you transition into being a full-time real estate agent.

Instead of waiting around until you get licensed, you can begin learning the ins and outs of the industry right now. By maximizing your time, you’ll be able to hit the ground running as soon as you get licensed. 

Watch the video now, or keep reading for 4 ways to maximize your time during your pre-licensing real estate course:

Learn the Language of Real Estate

What information do you need so that you can actually have a chance at closing transactions and helping buyers and sellers? 

The language of real estate.

Becoming fluent in the industry language enables you to talk about what’s going on in your community and help your clients close a sale. 

Start consuming more information and more content than you are receiving in class. Here are a few places you can begin:

Apply Now

While getting your license, start applying for the places you’re going to work.

Obviously, as a salesperson, you have to apply to a brokerage. 

I recommend you begin interviewing teams in your area.

The top teams often have a pre-licensing training opportunity that you can plug into every week (we happen to do that with my team here in Connecticut). This allows you to start learning from active agents and brokers. 

Apply to places that are going to be able to offer you training right now, before you even get your license. You can see how their agents follow up with leads, interact with clients, and complete deals. 

I always encourage people to do whatever it takes to learn information from the top producers in your market. By joining a team and soaking in information from the area’s top agents, you’ll be off to an excellent start. 

Visit Open Houses

The third thing you should be doing to maximize your time is visit open houses in your market every Saturday and Sunday.

Prepare ahead of time, know your driving route, and fit in as many open houses in your preferred markets as you possibly can.  

Walk into each open house as if you were a consumer, ask questions as if you are actually interested in buying the house, and start to learn what homes are available and why these homes are priced a certain way.

Hire a Real Estate Coach

This final one is an investment, and it’s not something everyone can do from the start. But, if you can afford to hire a real estate coach, hire one during your pre-licensing course. 

The agents that I know that have done this before they even got their license have always been top producers have always been successful. 

Remember, 87% of people who get their real estate license fail by their fourth year. Every great agent today has a coach. If you can afford it before you get your license, you’re going to be that much ahead of the game.

If you can’t hire a coach during your pre-licensing course, I encourage you to hire one as soon as you possibly can!