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Make Social Media an Automatic Routine

Everybody knows social media, especially Facebook, is necessary for business. As a team leader or real estate agent, you must be posting and creating content and engaging with consumers on social media. It is an absolute necessity. The problem is, a lot of times we are wasting time getting stuck on what to post each day.

You can wake up every single day and know exactly what to post.

By creating a theme for each day of the week, you will won’t have to spend time deciding what to post every day.

Begin by taking out your brainstorming tools: a whiteboard, piece of paper, or computer. List the days of the week – Monday through Sunday. Then, start listing ideas or themes you can repeat weekly.

We’ve seen this take off with hashtags (think: Motivation Monday, Throwback Thursday), and you can use the same principle for your own social media posts, tailored to your brand.

Social Media Themes for Real Estate Agents

There are countless ways to incorporate themes as real estate agents. Depending on your area of expertise, you can focus on residential real estate, commercial real estate, buyers, sellers, the towns you service, home decor, remodeling tips, and more. By incorporating your favorite parts of the industry into your weekly themes, you will automatically be more authentic and passionate in your online presence, adding value in a way only you know how.

Here are some examples of what you can incorporate into your social media posts:

  • An engaging poll on features of homes

  • Weekly blog post

  • Weekly podcast episode

  • Weekly recap of all transactions (At One + Company, we call this the One Week REwind)

  • Open houses of the week

  • Weekly giveaway

  • Featured home of the week

  • Weekly shoutout to feature an agent, admin, or industry partner

  • Facts about a town you service

  • Weekly market update

  • Local business feature

  • Home decor or remodeling tips

  • Seller tips

  • Buyer tips

As you come up with themes, assign each day of the week to one theme. For example, our One Week REwind happens every Wednesday. Since these transactions have already occurred, our marketing team does not need to create anything new. Instead, they just gather the information on new listings, homes that went under contract, closed transactions, and price reductions. This allows you to feature the homes and properties you are working with, without blasting out each new listing individually (which is what most Realtors do).

The same is true for our Open House post, which we do as a live video. The Open Houses are already scheduled. Every week, two agents from the team go live to announce the Open Houses happening over the weekend. This weekly video features both homes we are listing and agents on our team.

Change things up.

People are creatures of habit and love a routine, which is why this works. But that doesn’t mean each day of the week needs to look the same. Vary posts throughout the week by using a different outlet each day. Diversify posts by including photos, videos, live video, long-form written content, and polls throughout the week. This keeps content new and exciting while sticking to a routine.

When something interesting pops up in your week, you can still let consumers know about it. If, for example, your team wins an award or hits a goal, you can make an additional post to announce it on the day it happens (yes – you can post twice in one day). Or if you are particularly excited about a new listing, go live from the house, showcasing a room or two to pique interest. These types of posts are in addition to your weekly routine and should happen naturally.

You also want to revisit your routine every few months. Track your results, determine what was engaging to consumers, and what needs to be altered. Keep what works and develop new themes for the things that did not perform as well.

I know I should do more on social media, but…

Don’t be one of those agents who makes excuses about being consistent on Facebook and Instagram. You know you need to be on social media. You know an online presence is crucial in today’s world. Creating daily themes gives you a routine. After a couple of weeks, this routine will become automatic, allowing you to get back to what is most important – your clients.