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April 19, 2019
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May 3, 2019

With over 20 years of experience, Joy Metalios dominates in the Fairfield County luxury marketplace. With an average listing price point of $1.8 – $2M, she works to stand out from other Realtors and provide clients with the best service possible.

Now the team lead of The Metalios Group, Joy has built a leading team of luxury listing specialists in the Greenwich area. We discuss how to take control of your career, from your start as an agent to building a strong team culture.

New Agents Can Make An Impression on the Luxury Market

Agents just getting their start may feel like they are too young or inexperienced to make an impression on the luxury market. And it can be a tough place to  begin your career. Luxury homes stay on the market longer, so some agents don’t even want to deal with higher priced homes. But for those that do, here is some advice from Joy:

  1. “Do as many open houses in higher price points as possible.” If you put on incredible open houses or mega open houses, people are going to walk in and assume you are the listing agent. Begin to build relationships with those people.

  2. Dress the part. You need to look mature, so pay attention to how you dress, and aim to make yourself appear more experienced.

  3. Build rapport. Google clients or potential clients and find areas to connect. This helps to establish a relationship and build trust.

Control the Listing Appointment from Start to Finish

When you show up for a listing appointment, it’s crucial to establish yourself as the expert who is there to help.

Joy and her team begin by differentiating themselves from other Realtors before they even step foot in somebody’s home. Before a listing appointment, they send an iPad with a keynote presentation to the potential clients’ home. By providing marketing information upfront, they are able to shorten presentation times, stand out from other Realtors, and give background information on the work the team does.

Transparency is also essential during a listing appointment. Joy gives the same service to clients with a $5M home as she does to someone selling a condo. “We want every client to have 5-star service,” Joy says. She shows potential clients the backend of their Trello board, Zillow, and how much money is spent. This helps people visualize exactly what will happen.

Create the Culture you Want

Building a team starts with a great assistant. From there, it’s all about culture and getting the right people in place, according to Joy.

It can take a long time to get the culture you want. Last year was a “weeding out” year for Joy, where she got rid of four agents. This helped to strengthen her team.

Everyone on the team has a success binder. Every day, they write affirmations and complete tasks before they begin making calls or going on appointments. This keeps everyone on track with the right mindset.

In addition to focusing on the team culture, Joy invests in the brand of The Metalios Group. With pop-by gifts, client appreciation parties, and community service events, Joy and her team build awareness of what they do in the community.

It shows that Joy has taken control of every aspect of her work, allowing her to build the team and career she wants.

What can you implement from this conversation with Joy? Let me know in the comments!