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April 3, 2019
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April 19, 2019

Key Takeaways from Recording a Podcast with Tom Ferry

When I heard Coach Tom Ferry was coming to Mohegan Sun as the keynote speaker for The Event, the 2019 William Raveis Convention, I immediately reached out and asked if he would be willing to record a podcast for The Real Word. (Which, as a side note, is another reason to host a podcast – you get to interview and learn from the best in the industry.)

Coach Tom Ferry has been the single biggest impact on my business journey. The coaching calls, conferences, and the TF community have set the stage for my journey as an entrepreneur and real estate broker. People I have met and connected with along the way continue to motivate me to get better every day. The community has become a family that I will cherish for my entire life.

So, when Tom agreed to not only the podcast but to spend time with my entire team, One + Company, after the recording, I knew that it was going to be an evening to remember. Below are the key takeaways I learned from our time with Tom Ferry.

Basics + Grit = A Winning Combination

When asked how he would start up a brokerage with $100,000, Tom Ferry said he would hire 2-3 people to make calls to every expired listing and FSBO in the area, do an incredible job marketing every single listing, and when sold, would call and door knock everyone in the area to tell them about it.

In other words, the basics. We all know we need to do these things, but Realtors frequently lack the discipline to consistently complete these tasks. It takes determination and resolve to make calls and door knock every day. When you apply the basics and add in some grit, you have a winning combination. This was a powerful reminder to my entire team that basics come first.

Do what no one else is willing to do to LEARN

Would you make hundreds of calls a day with zero hopes of getting a listing? This was Tom Ferry’s advice to Elizabeth Novello, who happens to be Gary Vaynerchuk’s sister.

Why would he say this? By calling and talking to people in your marketplace, Tom said you will learn that there are generally only four questions that sellers have. Once you know those four issues, you will be able to answer them while providing value to the other person on the line. Liz even told Tom she learned more in three months doing this than her entire first year in real estate.

Talking to people in your marketplace from a stance of wanting to LEARN, rather than being desperate for a listing, will set you apart from other Realtors.

Energy Surpasses Knowledge

I knew going in that we were going to learn a lot. Our team participates in TF coaching calls and conferences regularly, so we anticipated an extreme amount of value spending time with Tom.

But the biggest takeaway for me wasn’t all the knowledge and information he shared, it was Tom’s ENERGY. Tom and his travel team had been on the road for days, flying both in and out of the country with little to no rest in between. Simply hearing about his itinerary from the past few days was exhausting, let alone living it.

And he had THE MOST ENERGY in the room.

No signs of jet lag. No complaints. No requests to cut the time short. Just energy and excitement.

Tom Ferry connected with every member of our real estate and marketing team, remembering every name he heard. His positivity radiated through every word and every action. This type of energy isn’t reserved for when he is on stage. This is a mindset Tom brings with him everywhere he goes, whether he is connecting with a small group of people or in front of thousands. This showed me positive energy goes much further than a wealth of knowledge.

I am so excited to share Episode 067 of The Real Word with everyone. What are your key takeaways from the conversation?