Use Social Media to Increase your SOI
December 26, 2019
Treat yourself like an Employee
January 8, 2020

You are now on notice.

You completed your business plan, talked with your mentor or coach, and thought about your goals for the year.

You have been getting ready for 2020 since Q4 of 2019.

Well, it’s here.

It’s 2020.

Time to take action.

Here are a few simple ways to keep your momentum going throughout Q1:

Be Consistent in Your Morning Routine

At the end of 2018, I took off 4 or 5 days from my morning routine.

I thought I was giving myself a break.

But it was not the break I needed.

By day 2, I felt lethargic, and thoughts were racing through my mind.

My morning routine, even when I don’t feel like getting up and doing it, helps me clear my mind, fills me with energy, and keeps me consistent in my business, relationships, and life.

If you don’t have a morning (or daily) routine that fuels you up, it’s time to get started. If you fell off track over the holidays, get back to it. A simple, daily routine makes all the difference in my life.

Clear Clutter and Ignore Distractions

When you woke up on New Year’s Day, chances are you didn’t stumble upon some newfound energy simply because the year changed.

You probably feel the same as you did in 2019.

That’s because fresh starts don’t magically happen. The only way we will become the people we want to become in 2020 is by taking daily steps to accomplish our goals.

Most of us already have 1-3 major goals that we are fully committed to in 2020.

As the weeks go by, hundreds of other things that will pop up and try to take our focus away from those goals.

Knowing this, take precautions to get rid of distractions:

  • Delete apps you no longer need.

  • Take away phone notifications.

  • Time block your calendar, giving the most time to your biggest goals.

  • Set up weekly, monthly, and yearly checkpoints.

  • Delegate all tasks you can.

There’s no more energy or time coming to you this year. You have to clear out the clutter to make your time count.

Stop giving a F*ck

People will tell you your goals are too big. Others will look at you like you have lost your mind. Go into this year not caring about what others think.

These are YOUR goals.

This is YOUR year.

Stop caring what other people think, do the work, and make your goals happen.