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February 5, 2019
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Is the Spring Market Here?

Many agents say the day after the Super Bowl is the day you want to list your house because that is when the spring market starts.

The real estate spring market often begins before the official start of spring, but there is not a magic date to kick it off. Every year, as an agent, buyer, or seller, you need to be prepared for the spring market to begin as early as February, or as late as April.

I encourage my clients who know they want to sell during the spring market to get listing photos taken the previous fall. This allows the photographer to capture the home with green grass and vibrant trees, making the exterior photos much more appealing to buyers.

From there, I keep in contact with my client throughout the winter. As soon as the market begins to pick up and my clients are ready, we can list. There is no waiting around for a decent day to take photographs.

The start of the spring market is different every year. It’s a case by case, location by location process to determine when it is beginning.

This year, three factors are showing that the spring market is starting up in Connecticut.

  1. Steady market. Connecticut’s housing market has been on the uptick since 2017, and that has continued into 2019. Other markets in the country have started to pull back, but because our market never fully took off, we aren’t slowing down.

  2. Mild winter. We haven’t had much snow on the ground this winter, and temperatures overall have been mild. Buyers are out looking for homes instead of bundling up inside.

  3. Low interest rates. Mortgage rates are still low, and buyers are taking advantage of this.

While there is not a full spring inventory on the market quite yet, activity is rising here in Connecticut.

Are you feeling the spring market take off in your location? I’d love to hear what is happening where you live.