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Inspiration from Apple: Hold Meetings that Matter

Every year, Apple puts on an event so big that everyone gears up for it: employees, consumers, even rival companies. 

Most of us don’t attend the event, but we hear about it weeks before, and tune in the day of to learn about the latest releases in the world of technology. For each event, Apply comes together with the same vision, creating excitement that lasts an entire year. 

Unifying events are not limited to companies as large as Apple. In fact, we can all learn from Apple, and implement some of their practices into our own businesses for team meetings or community events. 

Here are three ways to create rituals that make a lasting impact with meetings or events:

Hold Fewer Meetings

A number of years ago, I stopped doing a weekly meeting with my team. We switched to 11 meetings a year, one each month, skipping July. We continue to have weekly trainings and Zillow sales calls, but we found that holding a big team meeting every week became mundane and unnecessary.  

Figure out what the cadence is for your team. It could be monthly, quarterly, or something else. Then, spend time preparing for each meeting, making each one feel special and relevant to the entire team. 

Release Big Information during Meetings

During these rare meetings, release important information about your company’s vision. I’m talking about the big needle movers: new campaigns, events, or changes within the hierarchy of the company. Even if people on the team already know about some of the announcements, take time to discuss it with everyone, and honor its importance. This allows everybody to get on board with the same vision. 

Create the Energy 

Make sure you deliver the message with passion and create energy behind the visions you are speaking about. Everybody should be leaving your meetings or events extremely amped up, ready to go out and execute. It’s your job to bring excitement and set expectations for the whole team. 

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Steve Jobs

You must bring the energy, passion, and vision to life for your team. Meetings that feel special are a way to start!