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How do you develop discipline?

Prospecting. Follow-up. Listing appointments. Negotiations. Showings. Closings. 

One day in the life of a Realtor can include all of the above and more. When dealing with multiple clients, all in different stages of the transaction process, it requires discipline and focus to stay present. 

Everybody deals with distractions, failure, and days you want to give up. Keep reading for ways to stay disciplined during moments of low motivation. 

Commit to a Routine

To stay clear-minded, I have to repeat my morning routine every day. Without taking time for myself every morning, I will, at some point, become frustrated with a client or another agent throughout the day. This has led to failures in my career, so staying committed to a routine is essential. 

You do not have to have to wake up super early or complete a specific routine in the morning, but you do need to establish structure throughout your day. Determine when is the most beneficial time for you to take care of yourself, when your most productive work hours are, and when you will spend time with family. Once your routine is set, stick to it every day. 

What do you need to give up?

With an established routine, you will find that you will need to give some things up. This could entail drinking on weeknights, staying up past 10:30 pm, binging Netflix, Sunday brunches, or scrolling social media. 

For one week, write down how you spend your time throughout the day. Notice where you are wasting time. Is there a pattern? What can you cut out to create more time to reach your goals?

Use your Calendar to Stay on Track

I use my calendar all day, every day. This includes putting all tasks into the calendar, not just important meetings or phone calls. Time blocking increases productivity, encourages deep work, and minimizes interruptions to your workflow. 

What happens when you realize you are not following the calendar? There are times when I find myself on instead of making calls. I know that scrolling online won’t help me impact more people. So, I started wearing a rubber band around my wrist that I snap when I am off task. A simple physical cue is enough to make me realize I am falling into a distraction and pull myself back to the work in front of me. What interrupter will help you get back to your goals?

Surround Yourself with Great People

Finally, the people you spend your time with is just as important as the tasks you complete. When you surround yourself with the right people, you will find that you have the support you need. Find an accountability partner or join a mastermind group to keep pushing yourself forward.

Once you find the right people, you cannot hold your goals inside of you. Announcing your goals creates an added amount of accountability. When you declare something, people are expecting you to follow through, which is much-needed fuel when things get tough. 

How do you stay disciplined? Let me know in the comments!