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June 23, 2021
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July 7, 2021

Halfway Through 2021

Half the year is over. 

As we hit this halfway mark, I invite you to take time to reflect with two questions:

1. Are you behind, ahead, or on pace for your 2021 goals?

If you’re behind, are you going to go into the halftime locker room and be willing to make the adjustments necessary to meet or exceed your goal? Or are you going to reduce the goal? Before reducing your goal, consider you have an entire second half, and make the adjustments necessary to make the comeback and hit the number.

If you’re on pace, are you willing to push harder? Unexpected things are going to happen in the second half of the year. If you’re just on pace, you’ve got to push even harder than you did in the first half of the year to make sure with certainty that you get there.

And if you’re ahead, are you willing to add something to your plate? Or are you comfortable with where you’re at? I would argue that even if you’re on pace, go ahead and add something, go ahead and make it even more challenging. Put your back against the wall and become even greater. 

2. Why are you where you’re at right now with half the year over? 

Reflect on why you are either on pace, ahead, or behind your goals. 

We want all this data on our marketplace and on our consumers. You better have the data on yourself as well. You need to understand exactly why you’re where you are right now and how you got you there. 

And here’s the part that can be tricky: 

Do not lie to yourself.

Don’t tell yourself a story. 

Don’t give yourself excuses. 

Why are you here right now? What actions did you take in the first half of the year that got you here? Even if you are ahead of your goals, dive into this question. Did you make it too easy on yourself, or did you figure out something unique?

If you figured out something unique, go even deeper. Go all-in, and use the momentum you’ve created to get even future ahead of your goals.

I believe we start planning 2022 by August or September, and by October you need to have your entire 2022 business plan goals locked, loaded, and ready to go.

Which means –  this year is basically over. 2022 planning is right around the corner. Internalize where you’re at right now at halftime, make any changes needed, and go all-in where necessary.