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Does your Personal Car Matter as a Real Estate Agent?

Doesn’t it seem like every real estate agent drives a white BMW or Mercedes Benz?  Does every realtor need to have a fancy car for their profession? 

 I think it depends on where you are operating. If you’re in Beverly Hills selling $10 and $20 million homes, and you’re rolling around in a 20-year-old beat-up Honda Civic, that homeowner might say, are they the right agent to represent this property? Or they might say, “Hey, is your oil leaking on my driveway?”.

I think it does matter to some degree. But on the flip side, many agents want to be relatable to their clients. Maybe they’re working with first-time homebuyers, who are just getting started buying in the median and below price points. So these agents want to be driving a similar car to their clients to be that much more relatable and build trust.

I’ve also heard consumers say that “well, I want my I want to know that my agent is successful, and that is an indicator.” So I don’t believe that you need to have a super fancy car, but I think you need a reliable vehicle. You’re going to be doing a lot of driving as a real estate agent, especially as a new agent working with buyers. Your car should be comfortable and very reliable, and it should at least be in good condition. 

So it’s all part of the presentation, right? When you’re meeting somebody for the first time, you should have a car in good condition, be well-groomed, and present yourself well. That’s what is going to make an excellent first impression. If you work in a luxury market, you need a fancy car. It doesn’t have to be brand new, but it does have to have some brand recognition because that’s just the clientele you’re working with.

Get that fancier car as you move up in price point. Remember what market you’re in. Always have a vehicle in good working condition, but don’t ever buy a car that’s above your means, especially if you’re not a homeowner. Being a homeowner or a real estate investor and helping people by selling real estate is a lot more valuable than having a fancy car and living at your parents’ house.

It all comes down to how much money you have. I don’t think your car needs to be too fancy, but it should be newer, in good condition, and well presented. Of course, if you’re dealing in the ultra-luxury, the brand name is going to matter. Have questions about starting in real estate? Leave a comment below or dm me on Instagram @ByronLazine.