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May 29, 2019
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June 13, 2019

Build Your Own Real Estate Battlefield

The number one real estate agent in San Diego, California, has farmed every building – over 10,000 homes – every month for 30 years. “He doesn’t need to jump on social media,” Jason Cassity, owner of The Cassity Team says.

“But I can’t compete with that. I need to find a different way in. I have to find a different battlefield.”

Jason Cassity began his career in real estate six years ago, and in the past 18 months, has grown his team to seven agents. Knowing that he cannot do what worked for agents 10 years ago, Jason continuously looks for innovative ways to stand out in the saturated San Diego market.

On Episode 18 of The Byron Lazine Podcast, I sat down with Jason and learned some of the ways he has built his own battlefield.

Research Brokerages and Teams

Jason’s advice for agents just starting out is to join a team.

“The worst thing I did was try to go alone,” he explains. “If you go solo and do three deals in a year, you get to keep 100% (of your commission), but if you jump on (a) team and do 30 deals at 50%, you are in a much better position.”

Before joining any team, do your research. Find out the top producing agents and teams in your area, follow them on social media, and meet with team leads to learn what training they provide for new agents.

The same can be said for brokerages. Some brokerages are focused on the agents, while others on the consumers. Find out the values, beliefs, and future goals of the brokerages you are considering so you will be able to grow with the company.

Utilize the Platforms that Work for You

Before social media, Realtors relied heavily on mailers and newspaper advertisements. Now, digital marketing utilizing social media platforms is the way to reach clients. But not all platforms will play to your strengths.

Jason explained that an agent with 15 years experience in his marketplace built his business with Facebook, and continues to be massively successful there. Five years ago, Jason grew his business with Instagram. In the span of ten years, two different platforms have proven to help agents who cannot rely on mailers and referrals.

While The Cassity Team uses a range of marketing and lead generation strategies, Instagram is their number one platform and therefore the one they utilize the most. Right now, Instagram Story Swipe Up Ads are proving to be very impactful for Jason and his team.

In a recent targeted Instagram Story Swipe Up ad, Jason targeted La Jolla neighborhood for $100. The ad garnered 22 swipe ups, two left addresses, and one became a listing. A $4 MILLION listing.

Watch what they DO, not what they say

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is always pushing yourself to be more innovative so you can continue to grow. Learning from other professionals through masterminds, coaching, and your own research is part of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Like most business owners, Jason has a group of people who he finds inspiration from.

“You can do what they say, but really watch what they are doing,” Jason says.

When you think about some big names in the industry – whether it is Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Ferry, or an agent who is crushing it in your marketplace – pay close attention to what they DO on a consistent basis. They may share a lot of information and content, but their actions are what is leading them to success.

Once you understand what they are doing, begin to implement those actions in your own business to grow your brand and move up to the next level.

Watch the full podcast with Jason Cassity for more insights on building a team: