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November 24, 2021
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December 8, 2021

Best December Agent Marketing Plan.

We’re getting into the weird time of the year where you want to continue following up with people, but you don’t want to be distasteful about it. The holidays are very busy for people between holiday parties and family time. However, if you take the month of December off, I promise you February, March, and April are going to suffer because of it. 

So what is the best thing that we can do as real estate professionals in the month of December? Every day we can write 10 handwritten letters, 300 total. You should be writing these letters to the people in your network and past clients. If you can do more than 10, go for it. When you start thinking about it, you probably have more than 300 people in your network when you account for all past clients, people in your network, referrals, and vendors that you’ve worked with. Commit to a certain amount of letters every single day.

The next step to this plan is to personally drop off the handwritten letters. Try to bump into people and wish them and their families a great holiday season. You want to let people know how grateful you are to be a part of their life. Don’t talk about anything else or mention business. 

They may pull you into a different conversation, which is great. The whole goal is to continue to have conversations with people in your network, but at the very least you’re being authentic and taking the time to send someone a meaningful letter. With everything being communicated over the phone these days, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a handwritten letter from somebody who took the time to reference an interesting story or something sentimental to the two of you. 

So bang out 300 handwritten letters in the month of December, and watch your business in Q1 thank you. More importantly, your relationships in Q1 will be better. Hope this was helpful as you think about how to be genuine in your marketing approaching the holiday season. Leave a comment below if you plan on phasing this into your upcoming marketing plan!

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