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October 10, 2019
Share Your Failures
October 24, 2019

Soon after I started producing consistent content on social media, people would say to me, “I see you everywhere!” 

Truth is, I wasn’t everywhere. In the beginning, I was on Facebook. But I kept popping up in their feed. 

Soon enough, I had become a recognizable voice. 

This led to new deals and new opportunities, something I often speak about with agents who are just starting. 

From there, the inevitable question comes. 

How do you get your voice heard and not lost in the oversaturated markets?

Look at what Everyone Else is Doing

When I first started in real estate, I looked at what the top producers in my market were doing. The people who were selling the most homes were all advertising in the newspaper. Now, I was just starting my career.  I did not have the money for newspaper ads, and I knew it was a dying source. I decided then I would NOT advertise in the newspaper.

By looking at what these 30-year vets were doing, I learned what I wanted to stay away from. 

So I turned to Facebook, and started searching for people who were using social media to build an audience. I spent time each day scrolling, commenting, and analyzing ways to use this tool. 

In your marketplace, right now, there are people marketing their businesses and producing content. Some of the material is performing well and garnering attention, while other content is falling flat. 

Use this to learn from. 

Chances are, you already spend a few hours on social media every day. Use this time to research current marketing strategies. Who is engaging their audience? Who continuously pops up in your feed? Who produces content that you connect with and enjoy? 

Once you see what is currently happening, you can determine what you want to implement and what you want to leave behind. 

Find Your Style

As you watch and consume content, you will also find yourself drawn to certain styles. Pay attention to this. Do you get sucked into long-form podcasts or vlogs? Do you like short, funny videos or find yourself scrolling through memes? 

Once you understand what you are drawn to, you can begin to emulate that style. 

I have always been captivated by long-form talks. I grew up listening to sports radio talk, and knew that I could sit down and speak for 15-20 minutes at a time. So, that’s what I started doing: creating 15-20 minute shows every week, providing information to my clients. Because I do something that fits my personality, it is easy to recreate every week. 

Consider Your Audience

Your audience has the final say. After all, they are the ones watching, listening to, or reading your content. So even after you have found your style, you must consider what your audience wants and engages with.

Consider the age and demographics of potential clients or people you want to reach and where they are spending time online. If your key demographic is 55+, Facebook is going to be a safe platform, but if you are targeting teenagers, TikTok is quickly taking over as the platform to use. 

Be Consistent

The final step to becoming a recognizable voice is consistency. Be so consistent that if you skip a week, your audience reaches out to find out why. 

On your calendar, pick a day and time when you will create your content, whether it is video or audio recording. Then put that in your calendar every week in perpetuity. Make it a time that you cannot cancel. It will be tempting to take calls or make appointments during that time block. This is especially true in the beginning, when the only person who’s watching is your mom. But do not cancel!

If you want to be relevant in any space, you better be in that space forever. 

While it will be slow at first, suddenly people will start realizing they have seen your face or heard your voice before. Maybe they only watch the first 30 seconds of your video. But if they consistently see and hear you for 30 seconds every single week, without fail, then you become that recognizable voice. The moment you begin to skip weeks however, is the moment that you are left behind and ultimately forgotten.