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Be A Great Salesperson

What’s the definition of a great sales leader? To take the stress out of your salespeople. Therefore, the purpose of a great salesperson would be to take the stress out of their clients. 

Your Responsibilities 

If you’re a sales leader, you’ve got to reduce the client’s stress and figure out an environment that they can do that and have the opportunity to go out and absorb the burden of their clients. If a client is stressed out about what they’ve got to do about their business environment, about their life when they go to work with clients, they’re not going to absorb their stress. It will bounce right off of their stressful being, and then there will be two people stressed out. 

Who the heck is going to help alleviate the other person’s stress? 

The Advantages

As a realtor or any other salesperson, we are all up early and have the advantage over others who don’t get up as early as we do. Clients and consumers don’t have a hectic and busy morning routine, no matter what time they’re getting up. 

You can start your day off right by freeing up time and energy. However, if you’re starting your mornings by taking in the national news, you’re going into your day with a whole bunch of stress. There is a lot of information in the media, good and evil, which only adds to the stress that you will be carrying out the rest of the day. That’s not what a client needs, and you will have no shot at being a great sales leader or a great salesperson. Instead, you’re listening to your motivational morning podcasts, grounding your thoughts, and preparing yourself for the day. 

What You Provide

Think about how many people you know right now are caught up in all of the bullshit going on around us that think about it all the time. These people are wrapped up in a bunch of stuff they can’t control, nor will they be able to absorb anybody else’s stress because they have so much of their own. They’re filled to the brim. They’re at max capacity of bullcrap and stress that they can’t handle. 

I talked about how I’ve come across many people during a life-changing event and are completely overwhelmed. People that are stressed out and burnt out. Probably due to listening to too much media, too much crap, and taking in too much garbage. 

Well, if you’re in sales, here is a bit of tough love. If you’re going to spend your time allowing stress to fill up your mind, you will not be a great leader for a salesperson for long. If you’re not willing to free yourself to absorb the stress of others, for real problems like helping educate them on the sale that you’re trying to make, then get out of this business or whatever business you’re in, if it’s sales. Get a regular average, an ordinary job where you can punch in at a specific time and punch out at a specific time, always knowing and expecting how much you’ll make by the end of the week. If you’re not willing to be a sponge to other people’s stress, you’re not in the right spot. 

Tough Love

This is what we do. That’s why we’re getting up early to free ourselves up for other people’s stress. Doesn’t sound like fun? Then don’t do it. If somebody needs to hear this message, give them some tough love.

You chose this position. You decided to get up and go to work in an industry of sales, where you’ve got to take on other people’s stress. Now, figure out how to stop taking in bullcrap so you can actually go out and absorb that stress.