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November 3, 2021
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Avoid These 4 Things When Joining a Real Estate Team

Teams are taking over the industry, so if you’re a new agent, avoid these four red flags when looking at the right team to join.

There’s No Training Schedule

 If you’re interviewing with a team there are a few questions you need to be asking. 

  •  What’s your training schedule?
  •  What’s the onboarding process? 
  •  How often is training available? 
  •  Who does the training and where can I access the training? 

If they don’t have quick, concise answers to all those questions, avoid that team. You’re joining a team as an agent to better your craft. If you don’t have the training, then it’s just like every other brokerage. Teams are growing at scale right now because brokerages aren’t training their agents and teams are doing all the training.

No W2s On the Team

There’s no staffing, listing coordinators, transaction coordinators, Operations Manager, or marketing department. When are no actual employees on the team to support all of the agents to go out and get deals, it’s another sign to steer clear.

No Leads Coming Into the Team

What are the consistent leads flowing into the CRM on the team each and every day? Do you get access to those leads? How do you work those leads? The best teams are the scale teams that have figured out how to generate a ton of leads and opportunities for their agents. Join a team that generates leads consistently, not the teams that don’t really have a plan for how they’re going to give you what you need to succeed.

No Active Accountability on the Team.
Remember the top three ways to boost your success as a Real Estate Agent and check out the three books that will give you the skills You want a team that’s going to hold you accountable. 88% of agents fail by their fourth year in the business. Do you want to be part of that? Or do you actually want to be held accountable? I know so many agents that join the business to set their own schedule, but that’s not the reality. You work for buyers, sellers, and investors and you need to be held accountable to a certain standard. If you truly want to get better every single day and make an impact in this industry, you should be seeking accountability and a team that offers that.


Those are the four things that you should be avoiding when you’re looking to join a real estate team. If a team doesn’t have one of these features you should run in the other direction. Leave a comment if I left anything out and check out my video on teams here.

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