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June 11, 2020
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Are you playing it safe?

As a real estate agent, you have to market yourself. 

And for your marketing to make an impact, it has to stand out from the rest.

That is why team leaders and individual agents agree that maintaining an individual brand is essential. Having a personal identity, even when you work for a brokerage, showcases who you are and how you work. 

But, how many brands actually stand out from the rest?

Playing it Safe

When you dig deep on a group of brands and compare how they present themselves, so often, they are either playing it safe or they are falling into the patterns that everybody else is currently doing. Many have this feeling of needing to make sure their individual brand stands out. Yet, they are often not executing on that feeling. 

If you have been playing it safe, start asking yourself why:

  • Do you lack the marketing skillset to execute your vision?

  • Are you worried about what others will think?

  • Are you fearful of breaking the mold?

Be Willing to Accept Criticism

Standing out with your personal brand takes a willingness to accept high levels of criticism. When you are clearly different than all the other options, it means people will form an opinion. There will be many who resonate with your message and support you, but there will also be critical comments.

Ultimately, that’s when people go back into safe mode. 

When you branch out in your marketing, be prepared for both praise and criticism. Accept feedback when needed, but be willing to stay true to your beliefs. 

The brands we follow in our personal lives, the brands that we’re really attached to, have all received tons of criticism. For one reason or another, no matter what brand you follow, if it’s been around for a long time, all you have to do is couple Google searches to find it. They’ve had people that have questioned where they are heading, or the message that they’re sending out. 

But that’s what builds a true and passionate fan base.  Opposition can build a much stronger family, a much stronger following for the people that really resonate with an authentic message.  

Make sure you’re sharing your authentic self in your personal brand. Do not conform, because you will be looking very vanilla to all the people you want to have a relationship and do business with.