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June 9, 2021
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3 Ways to Improve Your Life
June 23, 2021

Lions don’t turn around when small dogs bark.

African Proverb

When you go to that extreme level, you’re going to hear a lot of chatter,  and a lot of background noise.

People will say, ‘Hey, slow down, smell the roses. Don’t work so hard. You only have one life. Enjoy it. Take a break.’

But lions don’t turn around when they hear small dogs bark.

They keep going. And as a result, they get to have the satisfaction of knowing that they broke through barriers and did something nobody else has ever done before.

Make the Most of Your Time

If you have massive goals, you need to determine how to reach those goals.

How can you get an edge?

It starts with utilizing the time you have:

  • Morning routine: With a morning routine, you carve out time before your day begins to do the things that fill you up. Once your routine is complete, you have the rest of the day to focus on your goals.
  • Weekends:  Take a chunk of time every weekend to do the things you want to accomplish. Get into a habit of doing this and it will be easier to stay focused on your goals during the week.
  • Create Habits: Pick one habit that, if done consistently for 30 days, will generate an edge in business or life. Go after your new habit with relentless focus and determination until it becomes second nature, then start again with a new habit.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Things: Whether it’s mindlessly scrolling on social media, or getting sucked into a TV show, we all have unnecessary things that take up our time. Determine what you can eliminate to free up time for your goals.

Don’t Look Back

As you start to gain momentum toward your goals, you will no doubt begin to hear from others.

Sometimes, people share their concerns, which are based on their own fears. Other times, people will feel like you are leaving them behind. And others – well, you know the saying – haters gonna hate.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what voices you are hearing. If you let them, these people will constantly hold you back. You have to stay focused on your goals – and that means not listening to the noise of others.

When someone tells you something is impossible or too hard or just can’t be done, take a deep breath and keep going anyway.

Let everybody behind you bark and keep going further.