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August 2, 2019
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An Evolution of Content Marketing:  There are No Mistakes

Like Dustin Brohm, many entrepreneurs and business owners know that content marketing can draw people to you. 

Dustin, a real estate agent in Utah and host of the Massive Agent Podcast, first learned about content marketing when he felt stuck in his real estate career. At the time, he was part of a team and prospecting in ways that did not align with his personality.

Hating every minute of it, and not getting many deals, Dustin turned to Google and searched: how to get real estate leads

And that is when he began blogging. 

A Start in Content Marketing

Before video and podcasting were streamlined, blogging was a way to easily create content for clients and consumers. 

Dustin was never a fan of writing, but bought into the concept that if you put out valuable content, you will attract clients. He started by writing posts, and three months in got his first client from his blog. 

“It validated everything,” Dustin said. “From that point on, I (knew I could) focus on putting content out there and attracting them to me, as long as I have something valuable.”

This led to learning how to promote content on social media, starting the Massive Agent Podcast, and creating videos for agents and consumers.

No Mistakes

Dustin and I both learned skills on platforms that we no longer use. Dustin learned how to be in front of the camera on Snapchat. I used Meerkat to stream live video. While these two platforms don’t draw in large audiences for our industry any more, the time we spent on them was important. 

Part of social media and content marketing is being in front of the camera, and that is a skill that takes practice. We both look at our time on past platforms as learning experiences to get us ready for the platforms we focus on now: Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 

Starting at Zero

Content marketing is fear-inducing because people believe no one will like or listen to what they put out. But everyone starts at zero.

A few years ago, I had built up a YouTube page with over 1,000 subscribers by producing content consistently. That page no longer exists, and I knew I had to start from the beginning once again.

So I started a new YouTube page, and am doing the same thing to build up and attract an audience: producing consistent content

Consistency Wins

Being patient as you build your brand with content is key. 

Putting out a show or podcast on the same day every week creates a schedule for both you and your followers. If you wait months in between each show or podcast, chances are your content will get lost in the overwhelming amount of material consumed each day. If you are there consistently every week, or better yet every day, people will begin to remember you. 

“There’s something magical about consistency with whatever it is you’re doing,” Dustin explained. “There’s something about it that just works over time. You give it enough time for people to discover. Then someone’s really going to love it, they’re going to share it with someone in their office. And it just grows.”

Watch more from my conversation with Dustin: