Get Better Everyday: The Kaizen Approach
March 4, 2020
In Uncertain Times, Solve More Problems
March 19, 2020

Ask yourself this question: 

Am I doing this thing right? 

This thing, meaning life. 

What does “right” feel like?

You’ve most likely set goals for yourself in your personal life and in your business. As we get close to the end of Q1, you are probably tracking those goals to see how much progress you’ve made. 

What if you start thinking about these goals in a different way?

Let’s say you have a personal goal to lose 13 pounds. It can become very frustrating in your routine when you get on the scale, complete your workouts 3-5 times a week, and two weeks later find you haven’t lost any weight. 

Instead of focusing on the end result on the scale, track how the workouts made you feel each day. 

I go through a great workout, when I’m actually sweating at the end of it, that feeling is much better than the feeling I get on achieving the end result, because it gives me energy throughout the day. 

The same goes for business goals. 

You have tasks to check off your list every single day: prospecting, making calls, following up, completing paperwork. Yes, completing these tasks every day will lead you to an end result, but if you are not careful, you may begin to despise these types of repetitive tasks every day.

Instead, focus on the feeling you get every time you check off an item on your calendar. How you feel every time you set an appointment. How you feel every time you help a client. 

It’s a mental game. 

There’s no doubt about it. 

This is a mental game. 

Even the most disciplined people crave novelty. We get bored of doing the same things and the desire to experience something new creeps in. But of course, the only way to reach mastery is through repetition. 

Make sure that when you’re checking the box, you actually feel satisfied with that task. Make sure you’re not going through the motions. Internalize that satisfying feeling from getting the tasks done. 

And then ask yourself…

Are these goals and tasks really making me feel good, or am I doing it all for the wrong reasons?

Am I doing this thing right?