5 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Growth
November 18, 2020
stay in your business while scaling
5 Ways to Stay in Your Business while Scaling
December 2, 2020

A New Way of Thinking about Gratitude

Over the past few years, gratitude has become a topic everyone talks about. Whether through journaling or saying what you are thankful for, those who integrate gratitude practice know how powerful it can be. 

As we kick off this Thanksgiving week and you think back on your year, I invite you to incorporate a new practice of gratitude. 

Who is Grateful for YOU?

As you reflect on all the craziness of 2020, think not only about the people you are grateful for, but those who have shown gratitude for you. 

Who has verbalized or shown appreciation for what you have done for them? Some signs of gratitude may be more evident than others. Stop to recognize all the people who have expressed their thankfulness for your role in their life. 

Take the time to think about and journal both sides: who you are grateful for this year, and all the people who have shown they are grateful for you. 

Continue to Invest in the Right People

Everyone who has invested in themselves and their business in 2020 will have incredible opportunities in 2021. The real estate industry is expected to continue with the momentum gained in 2020, and those who have implemented new technology and systems to meet the changing needs of consumers will see success. 

As your business grows, you need to be surrounded by the right people. Continue to invest in those who have shown their gratitude. The people who recognize the work you do, and appreciate it, are the ones you want to keep close. 

Moving into 2021, which will be a fruitful year for many of us, you have the opportunity to add value to others, helping them get to new levels of their life while at the same time scaling your business. With the right people, this cycle of appreciation will continue to grow, benefiting all involved.

Who are you grateful for?

And who is grateful for you?