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March 19, 2020
The world is on pause. How will you use this time?
April 2, 2020

6 Ways to Stay Active in Your Marketing

Right now, it would be easy to go silent.

To stop making calls, posting videos, or following up with leads. 

But now is the time to amp up those efforts. Of course, you can’t go about marketing in the same way. You need to connect with the people and businesses in your community. 

I’m amazed at how many automated marketing posts I’ve seen in the past week. Posts like “Get Ready for the Spring Market,” “Prepare for an Open House,” and “How to get Pre-approved” are not relevant in the current climate. 

I’ve never been a fan of these automated types of posts. Now, more than ever, is the time to pay attention to the types of posts and messaging you are spreading. 

Lead with Empathy

Whether you are having a conversation on the phone, sending a video text message, or posting on social media, lead with empathy. Ask questions to learn how other people are being affected, and find out what members of your community need. 

6 Ways to Stay Active in Your Marketing

Everything you have been doing for marketing this year needs to be put on hold. 

No more saying introducing yourself as a real estate agent with XYZ brokerage.

No more calls to action. 

Right now, it’s all about what you can share. Here are the types of posts you can focus on for social media:

Public Service Announcements.

Is there a company doing something extraordinary? Share it. Is there a safe blood drive set up in your neighborhood? Share it. Is there an organization connecting donations? Share it. Seek out what is happening throughout the community and share it with your audience. 

Support Local Businesses.

We all know small businesses are in need. It’s helpful to share a list of ideas of how to help, but it’s more impactful when people see the ways you are taking action. It’s as simple as going on Facebook Live when you pick up a curbside dinner, or show the gift card you purchased online. If you can’t afford to buy anything extra right now, share what these businesses are doing to adapt to the new environment. 

Shout Out to Local Community Members.

In every town, city, and state, people are being more innovative, more selfless, and sharing more than we have ever seen. Shout out what the members of your community who are inspiring you in these times. 

Share your passions.

Do you have a hobby or activity you are passionate about? Share it. There are countless examples of people doing live concerts, fitness classes, drawing classes, even read alouds for children. Share your gifts online – you will be amazed at how the small things can brighten someone else’s day. 


If you have the means, gather gift cards from some of your favorite local spots and host giveaways. Even $5 gift cards can make a big impact. 

Share experiences of friends and family.

Every single person we know has been affected. If you have permission, share the experience of your friend working at the hospital, your neighbor who is now teaching online, or a family member adjusting to working from home with their children. 

Your actions during this time will not go unnoticed. Your community will remember those who went silent and those who spread positivity and support.

It’s up to you how you will be remembered.