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November 24, 2020
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Finish the Year Strong
December 9, 2020

The more I study successful business owners – the ones that have figured out scaling and longevity – the more I realize what they have in common. 

And it’s probably not what you think.

As we’re trying to scale, a lot of us work to replace ourselves throughout our organization. 

That’s how you scale your company; replace what you’re doing, so you can focus on your most important tasks. It’s also how other people on your team and in your organization grow. If you’re always replacing yourself, they have an opportunity to grow and climb the ladder with you. 

The ones that really have this figured out, are obviously replacing themselves better than anyone. 

But they also remain in every aspect of their business.  For all the tasks they delegate out, they continue to stay involved to some small degree, without taking too much of their time. 

Here are five ways to stay in every part of your business while scaling:

Marketing and Social Media

Most people work to outsource their marketing and social media. And they should be. There’s a lot of editing, posting, copywriting, and video production that goes into really having a great branding and social media marketing campaign. 

But if you want to understand and build a great brand, you’ve got to have some in-depth knowledge of it. Instead of outsourcing all of it, post your own personal content. You don’t need to create or edit all your company’s content, but post to your personal Instagram, Facebook, whatever it may be. I mean, if Gary Vee does it for himself – he writes his own copy and posts his own posts – then we can all do it too.  

Sales Manager

To grow a real estate team, all of us either already have or need a sales manager. All of the ‘Gotta minute?’ questions have to go to somebody else if you’re going to be able to scale the company and take it to the next level. 

But how do you stay close to the problems and the issues that your team is having? 

Schedule periodic one-on-ones through Zoom.  A lot of the one-on-one time used to be face-to-face, with lunches that took a lot of time. Zoom calls can take just 10-20 minutes, and give you an insight into some of the problems that your team members might be having. 

Recruiting and Interviewing

You should definitely be trying to outsource the entire recruiting process to generate the leads, build the pipeline, and schedule interviews. 

But when it comes down to the actual interview, sit in on those, again through Zoom. At most levels, the CEO or the business owner is going to want to actually conduct those interviews themselves, because they want to hire the right people for the team. At the very least, listen in on those recordings, because you’re going to pick up a lot of insights on the candidates.

Team Training

Members of a real estate team require a lot of training, and it may not be your best use of time. Once a month, join a training. And don’t just sit in, actually participate; immerse yourself in that training. One session a month will not inhibit your ability to scale the company. 

The Sales Process

If you are working to get out of the sales side of your business, once a quarter, take a lead all the way to closing. That means taking the lead in from the CRM and walking them through the entire transaction. This will help you stay on top of the sales process your agents are working through every day.

Continue to engage in what your team members are doing every single day, so that you have a close knowledge of the business and can speak the language.  This way, you don’t become someone who is just running a business. You can’t do everything every single day because you’re never going to scale. But you can stay in the game so that you truly remain the expert of your business.