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June 17, 2020
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July 1, 2020

Most team leaders I know are competitive. Naturally, we all want our business to grow every year, along with the individual agents who are a part of the team. 

But what motivates one group of people to increase sales and productivity may fuel anxiety for another. As a leader, part of your job is to understand the dynamic of your team and implement systems that generate inspiration AND action. 

Below are four ways you can work to increase productivity with your team. 


Since they aren’t a part of the team, real estate coaches are able to give objective feedback. Coaches work with individuals or an entire team to consult on both business and personal goals. Top producers often have a coach to help push them out of their comfort zone, aim for larger goals, and scrutinize business plans. If you are a team leader, providing outside coaching for your agents can increase productivity, foster a positive mindset, and fuel growth.


If your team is competitive, contests can be beneficial for all. Monthly or quarterly competitions with incentives may boost numbers. Each contest should have a specific focus and timeline. The number of calls being made, number of appointments set, and social media engagement can all become a friendly competition among agents. You can even compete against another team or brokerage!


Gamification takes contests to the next level. It often includes a scoring system, based on the team’s current CRM and tracking system. For example, Utah Life Real Estate Group awarded points as follows: 10 points for each conversation, 100 points for each appointment set, and 500 points for clients placed under contract. At the end of the set time period, the agent with the most points is awarded. This is most beneficial if your team members are motivated by a scoreboard. 

Accountability Groups

My team at One + Company is in our second round of accountability groups. These groups are making significant differences in how each member of the team reaches for their goals. Agents opt to sign up for a small accountability group, where they present their goal(s) for the next six weeks. Peer to peer accountability takes place in weekly meetings and daily check-ins. We’ve all seen considerable growth in our personal and business goals because of this team accountability. 

Most importantly, remember that productivity stems from purpose. When agents are actively working to fulfill their WHY, they will be able to reach new heights – both individually and as part of the team.