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October 7, 2020
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October 21, 2020

3 Ways to Avoid Career Failure in Real Estate

avoid career failure in real estate

In your first year, you will feel like you are getting pulled in a million directions. You will be tempted to chase the new shiny object, platform, or sales tool. There is so much to learn, implement, and do that the state of overwhelm can completely take over. 

Instead of trying to do it all, maintain your focus on these three things to build your business and avoid career failure. 

Double-Digit Sales

Start by accumulating your sales, with a goal of reaching double-digits as quickly as possible. 

When people buy or sell a home, they trust their real estate agent with the biggest financial investment of their lives. They want (and deserve) to know that they are in good hands. Most consumers want to know you have done this more than once, and they start to feel more comfortable when they know you have sales in the double-digits. 

So, how do you start with sales 1-9?

Get involved with a team. 

A team is going to have sales that you can leverage as your own. By leveraging your team’s numbers, marketing, and experience, you can show your value to every potential client you speak with. This will help to get you your first several sales.

After a while, people will do some research on you, the individual they’re speaking with. They will want to know what experience you have. So from day one, your focus is to help ten or more families. That way,  when somebody looks you up on the internet, they know you have done enough deals to help guide them through the process.

Double-Digit Reviews

Next, aim for double-digit reviews. How?

You must do an excellent job with every opportunity you have. 

Not everybody you work with will give you a review, and it’s not always a reflection of your service. Think about it: How many times have you asked been asked to send somebody a review that you forgot about, or got too busy to complete? 

Even knowing this, ask your clients to give you a review – AFTER you have provided exceptional service.

Engage in a Growth Mindset Environment

To get double-digit sales and double-digit reviews in your first year in real estate, you have to be in an environment that is coaching your growth every single day. If you’re not starting in this industry with the mindset of getting better every day, it will be very difficult to achieve these numbers in a 100% sales commission business. 

Remember, in real estate, 88% of people turn their license back by their fourth year. That means almost nine out of ten people do not make it in this industry. So, coaching is essential. 

Determine where you will get support during your first year.  If you can, hire a coach. Get involved with a team with a leader or manager that provides training, coaching, or a new agent program. 

This needs to go beyond someone telling you what videos to watch – I’m talking about actual support.  With the right coaching and someone to hold you accountable, you will be able to reach double-digits in sales and reviews. 

Block out all of the noise in your first year of real estate, set your goals, and make sure you have a coach in your corner to keep you focused and committed. Once you have that foundation, there are endless opportunities in this industry.