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April 28, 2021
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May 12, 2021

Glennda Baker runs a powerhouse team of women in Atlanta, and I learn something with every conversation I have with her.

This podcast was no exception. While the full conversation is definitely worth a listen, I want to break down one part of the discussion that I keep returning to:

Three things that every agent must be able to do to provide value to their clients. 

“There has never been a more vital time for you to understand data. So for real estate agents, it’s not only the consumption of the data, but it’s the interpretation of the data.”

Glennda Baker

The difference between a real estate agent and Zillow is how data is interpreted.

You have to continuously educate yourself and stay up to date on market knowledge, AND you must be able to interpret that information. 

Glennda shared the example that in her county, 63% of people are over the age of 62, and with a high percentage of people who have had knee surgery, a master bedroom on the main floor has enormous value. 

“So that’s the thing that real estate agents aren’t grasping, is that your ability to consume market data and then turn around and interpret it to the consumer is really your value.”

Glennda Baker

Consumers don’t need agents to search for houses. In many cases, they don’t even need agents to access the houses. What the consumer does need is a real estate agent who has:

1. The ability to interpret the data.

2. The ability to negotiate the deal. 

3. The ability to mitigate their exposure to risk. 

With the amount of information that’s coming out, whether it’s from Zillow, Redfin, or another source, consumers are going to have more questions, not less. 

What are you doing to help your clients interpret the data and mitigate their risk?