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How to Average a Deal a Week (with just 3 years in the industry)
September 23, 2020
October Marks the New Year
October 7, 2020

We all know that attention is key. Marketing where the attention is is essential to getting your message heard. 

Most people are defaulting to the standard platforms of our time: Facebook and Instagram. And we should be on these platforms every day, posting and creating new content. 

But there is something better you can be doing right now. Something that is going to have staying power over the next three months. A place that will have the most attention from today through the end of November. 

On November 3rd, we have a significant event coming up in this country. People’s attention will be focused on the election leading up to and after the election takes place. It’s going to live on your local political talk radio channels, news outlets on cable television, and video clips that land on YouTube. 

Here are the top three places right now to capture this attention:

#1 Talk Radio 

Run ads on political talk radio stations in your local market. Whatever FM station is talking politics all day long – not music stations, not places where they only talk about politics sometimes. Find the radio station in your market where they talk about politics 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and start running a three-month ad campaign.  

#2 YouTube Pre-roll Ads

A lot of people are consuming political videos and clips on YouTube at scale right now. Run pre-roll ads for your market against political videos targeted to your local market.  

#3 Run Ads on Digital Sites

This one is my least favorite of the three, but it can add value to your marketing efforts. Run ads on digital news sites that are talking about politics. Banner ads and digital ads can both be utilized on these sites. 

Hook Your Audience

Placement is important, but you still need to hook the audience, so they listen to or watch the full ad. There’s an easy hook right now in my market: in June, July and August, we’ve broken the record for pending sales each month. Use the hook to capture people’s attention in your market, create a call to action, and run your ads!

Leave Politics Aside

Remember, the point of this is to go where the attention is. The sole purpose of marketing is to generate leads, so don’t be emotional about where you are running your ads.