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If You Don’t Follow These Rules, You Risk Losing it All

Flat lay of business agenda

We have all done our business plans for 2019 by now.

You have the numbers that are going to drive your business,

The deadlines you are going to hit those numbers by,

The path to hit those numbers,

Your leading and lagging indicators.

But before the business plan starts, at the very top, how many of you have the rules you are going to follow?

What rules do you refuse to break, because you know if you break those rules, you are breaking your commitment to your goals, your business plan, and the promise that you make to your family when you leave every day for work?

Implementing rules for your life and business plan will drive the ship to where you want to go.

As you head into 2019, it’s vital to ask yourself: What am I 100% not willing to negotiate on over the next 10-12 months?

Personally, I have just two rules.

These rules are simple and straightforward.

But I know these are rules that if I break them, I might just lose EVERYTHING.

Rule Number 1: Follow the CALENDAR, exactly.

Follow it exactly. I have spent an enormous amount of time filling every single time block for my calendar from now until January 2020. Why would I spend all this time if I’m going to wake up every single day and say, oh let me just move this or push that; I can make exceptions here?

I know there will have to be adjustments from time to time, but if I get in the habit of making exceptions with my calendar every day, I won’t be following my business plan. Following my schedule exactly will lead me to my goals strategically, hitting deadlines along the way.  

Rule Number 2: The most important thing, with EVERYONE, is COMMUNICATION, always.

If I’m not communicating throughout the next 10-12 months at extremely high levels, I will have absolutely nothing. I need high levels of communication with my wife, with my family, with the people closest to me in the business, with my team agents, with my marketing staff, with my clients, with the leads that I’m trying to foster. If I am not communication with the people I am working to serve and be selfless for, somebody else will. The most important thing with everyone is communication, always.

What rules are you going to make for yourself, that are non-negotiable, that if you break, you might just lose it all?