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November 12, 2018
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How to Create a Structured Vision Board

Why do I believe in vision boards?

Because they work.

They work even better when structured.

Creating a structured, purposeful vision board every year produces incredible results. The benefits of a creating a vision board include:

  • Timeliness. With dates set in mind and written down on the board, goals are reached more quickly.

  • Motivation. Checking off goals increases motivation to work towards the rest of the board.

  • Strengthens Relationships. Including your partner and family strengthens the most important relationships in your life.

  • Time Management. Using a vision board enables you to time block more effectively, producing better results.

  • Elevates Goals. Once you are confident that you have everything you need to succeed, your goals will grow even bigger.


Before you start putting up pictures and quotes, take some time to plan your vision board. If you don’t have a strategy behind the vision board, it just becomes a jumbled collage. Structure puts meaning and purpose behind the vision board. This allows you to clearly see your goals, along with the path to achieving them.

I break my board into five sections: top, middle, bottom, left and right.

board structure final.jpg


The very top of the vision board is for your family and your why(s). If you don’t know your why, take some time to work on that. The is the purpose behind everything you do. Along with your why is your family. If your family isn’t as big as you why, it’s time to get a new family. Both are important, and go at the very top of my board.


Right below your why and your family is a section for your spouse or partner. If you have big goals and your partner isn’t on the same wavelength as you, it’s going to be very difficult to overcome that. So, make them a part of this board. Ask: what’s important to you? This can also be where you put family vacations.


To the left of the vision board, put everything that is going to fuel you. When you fill up your car, you put gasoline into the side of your car to fuel it to go forward. That’s the idea here. Find what motivates you, and put it in this section. This might include:

  • A motivating email from someone you respect.

  • Motivational quotes that resonate with you.

  • MLS ranking report.


To the right of the board is everything you want in the future. These are your long-term goals that make up your big picture. Where do you want to be 15-20 years from now? This section showcases where you are headed.


This section is the most important part. At the bottom of your vision board is a section for the foundation. This enables you to reach all the other goals on the board. How much income are you going to bring in? What will your businesses produce for top line revenue? What will your morning routine look like? To achieve everything at the top of the board, you need to set a foundation to support these dreams.

Blank Space

We are all going to change throughout the year. Leave blank space in these sections, so that as you change and adapt, you can alter your vision. If you reach your goals early, you will need to add more. If an unseen opportunity arises, you will need to adjust. The vision board remains flexible and can change over time.

Once finished, put your vision board in a place you will see it every, single day.

This puts your goals at the forefront of your mind and holds you accountable to reach massive success.

When it comes to your vision board, think BIG. With the right structure and motivation, we are all capable of accomplishing everything we set out to do. It will be amazing when you look back a year from now and you’ve checked off 100% of the items, or are in the process of reaching all your goals.

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