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4 Tips for New Agents
July 21, 2021
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How Patrick Bet-David’s Advice Applies to Real Estate Agents
August 3, 2021

Whether you are an individual agent, running a small team, large team, or mega team, scaling your business is critical. 

Not just for continued growth – but to stay in business in today’s industry. 

The truth is, no one succeeds in anything alone. So whether you have one assistant, or are focused on building a mega team, the two most important things to integrate into your practices as a leader are accountability and acknowledgment. 


If you are going to build a great business, you must have accountability for yourself first. From there, build a culture of accountability for everyone around you. 

Here are five layers of accountability you can integrate into your life and business:


What personal routines help you reach your highest level? I have a dedicated morning routine, starting with the 5AM Call, but I know a morning routine doesn’t work for everyone. Find a routine where you can work on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and have the integrity to commit to it every day. 

Business Plan and Vision Board

Your business plan breaks down all the numbers you want to hit for the year, and your vision board shows your why. I bring in my family on my vision board, and we review it together so we can see and commit to goals regularly. 


Coaching holds you accountable financially and on a personal level. I currently have two coaches that I meet with every single week. The sooner you can start coaching, the better. 


Find a group of people that inspire and motivate you and develop a mastermind. I meet with my mastermind group once a week, and every mastermind is a top producer in their marketplace. We come to the mastermind with no emotion, and work to find solutions. 

Accountability Groups

Make internal accountability groups for members of your organization. These groups need to be free and optional. You can opt to do 6-week or 8-week groups, and invite people to come and hold each other accountable. At the start of each new accountability session, individuals commit to three commitments, personal or professional, and then get together every week to share progress and support each other.  


Acknowledgment is the reason people will stay. No matter what role a person fills on your team, make sure you are giving regular acknowledgment for their contributions. 

Here are five ways to acknowledge people on your team to ensure they feel great about their efforts:

Social Acknowledgment

If you have an agent, employee, or somebody who’s helping you or the community, acknowledge them. Shout them out. Make sure that you’re writing about them on your personal social media channels, and make it a weekly part of your system. 

Internal Acknowledgement

We use Slack to communicate as a team. Part of this includes congratulating members of the team for doing incredible work. Be sure to acknowledge what they are going through in their personal lives, as well as their numbers or deals. 


Talk to the members of your team on a weekly basis. Ask what’s working for them, and what isn’t. During your first one-on-one with a member of the team, find out a major goal for that person. Every week, ask about their goal, listen to their progress, and offer support. 

Team Events

Do as many team events as you possibly can. Whether you gather the entire team, or groups within the team, get together on a regular basis to have some fun. 

Team Meetings

Do not review listings and buyer needs at your team meetings. This is what Slack and the MLS are for. 

Your meetings should begin with the culture you are working to build. Review your core values, and acknowledge the people who are showcasing those values. We have two agents stand up every week and share a message about a member of the team who has demonstrated those values for the past month. This small acknowledgment lets people know that what they are doing is noticed – not just by the leaders of the team, but by everyone around them. 

With accountability and acknowledgment, you can build an organization that becomes unstoppable. 

Take a look at my latest vlog, showing highlights from the speech I gave on Accountability and Acknowledgement at Fenway Park: