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May 6, 2020
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May 21, 2020

12+ Reasons to get into Real Estate Now

I recently came across a video on YouTube about three reasons why right now is the best time to become a real estate agent. 

But why limit it to just three reasons?

If you have been thinking about making a change, and you’re in a transition right now, what better time to start? 

On The Real Word 119, we discussed an Inman article titled 12 things agents shouldn’t be doing right now. As we went through the list, I thought, all of these reasons can be turned into an advantage for somebody who’s going to get started in real estate right now.

Tune in or keep reading to look at this list from a different perspective:

Wasting Time while Overindulging

What is overindulging? It means instead of watching one show on Netflix, you watch an entire season. 

Agents continuously overindulge so they don’t have to do the work that they’re supposed to be doing. These are things agents do – with or without a crisis – leaving a huge opportunity for anybody thinking about getting in the industry. 

Holding Normal Open Houses 

I get it. Right now we’re in this health crisis, you can’t host normal open houses, nor should you. But agents should be getting creative with how they show homes. This includes virtual tours, socially-distanced private showings, and more.  

During normal times, many agents find reasons not to hold open houses because they are typically held on Saturday and Sunday. That creates a great opportunity for new agents because a lot of agents – maybe they’ve been in the game a long time – don’t want to work on the weekends. 

So if you’re willing to work the prime times, you’re going to meet the most prospective buyers.

Failing to loop in everyone involved in the selling process on current showing guidelines

I’ll take it in another step further. The number one complaint from consumers is lack of communication from their agent. If you’re willing to communicate in or out of a health crisis, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to get into real estate. 

Not reading confidential remarks

Too often, agents do not read the information the consumer needs to know.  This goes for the confidential remarks on the MLS, as well as staying up to date with local market data. If you are reading data and consuming information about your market, you are ready to be valuable to buyers and sellers.

Arguing with other agents’ showing restrictions

A lot of agents will see new agents and they’ll start to argue, saying, ‘This is the way we’ve always done it.’  If you are willing to come in and put your emotions aside, you’re going to crush in real estate. 

Not thinking through your own showing instructions 

You should be able to put in a great game plan no matter what is happening in the market. Agents need to be able to stay organized, build a plan, and follow through until they reach an end result. If you are someone that knows ‘I build great game plans,’ it’s a perfect time to come into real estate.

Letting sellers and buyers make uninformed decisions

Again, this happens with a lot of agents outside of a health crisis. If you’re willing to be the professional and always inform your buyers and sellers (even when you have to research the answers), you’re going to have great success in real estate.

Leaving home without masks and cleaning products

Okay, so maybe that one I can’t reverse into a reason why right now is a great time to be a real estate agent. Just make sure you have supplies needed to stay safe. 

Spreading fake news 

Agents do this constantly. I can’t tell you how many agents make nothing but political posts or fake news stories on their personal profile pages, in turn alienating 50% of the people in their marketplace. That leaves an opportunity for you to come in and reach everybody in the market. 

Giving health advice to strangers online 

I don’t care what profession you’re in, you shouldn’t be doing this. If you’re willing to educate people on what’s happening in the real estate market, you’re going to be ahead of 90% of agents. 

Not mastering online meeting technology

This could be one of the biggest reasons to get into real estate today. There are a number of agents that are just unwilling to figure out how to shoot video, how to do a Zoom listing appointment, how to screen share a dotloop and review it with their clients. If you can master, or you already understand technology, you’re going to have a great opportunity in real estate.

Expecting things to go back to normal 

Things will never be normal. People that are in this industry know things are changing fast no matter what, with or without a health crisis. If you’re willing to adapt and pivot all the time and be a true entrepreneur, real estate is definitely something you should be thinking about. 

Bonus Reason 1

The average age of the Realtor in this country is over 58 years old. In many communities the average age is over 60. If you are coming in with a fresh perspective and willingness to think outside the box, there is a place for you in the industry. 

Bonus Reason 2 

Over 87% of agents fail before the fourth year. During times like this, many agents give up and walk away, making it a great time to start building your name. 

There is always tremendous opportunity for those who are willing to put in the work. If you have been thinking about getting your license or entering the industry, I don’t think you should be waiting for the “perfect time.” I think you should be doing it now.