Byron Lazine is a leading entrepreneur in the real estate industry, as the co-founder and team leader of the One & Company Team with William Raveis Real Estate and CEO of RE3 Media.

Byron is a forward-thinker, driving the real estate agents at One & Company to become a leading national team selling hundreds of millions of dollars in annual transactions. He has redesigned the typical industry approach to create an environment that fosters success and individual growth as well as overall company metrics.

Soon after getting his start in real estate, Byron became a sought-after marketing expert in the industry. He founded and is the CEO of RE3 Media, a digital media company that services clients in the real estate and housing industries.

Byron’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t end with running a real estate team and media company: he actively shares his knowledge through multiple platforms. Byron is the co-host of The Real Word, a weekly podcast regularly featured on Inman News. In addition, he is a moderator of the 5AM Call, the host of a weekly FM radio show that reaches Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York, and a speaker at leading real estate conferences throughout the United States. He has appeared on stage at Tom Ferry X, Inman Connect, Tom Ferry Sales Edge, and GNE, among others.

Byron continuously invests in his businesses and in helping people build their own careers. He launched the Real Estate Agent Scholarship, which covers the cost of real estate school for multiple people every quarter.

Byron's story.

At 19 years old, Byron jumped into the world of real estate investing, buying three houses during the 2004-2006 mortgage crisis. Over the next few years, he made every mistake in the book, and went bankrupt by his mid-20s. By the time he entered the industry as an agent he had nothing - no money and certainly no credibility.

Without a college degree, and zero experience as an entrepreneur and salesperson, many people told Byron he was crazy to leave a stable job at a power plant. He used their doubt as fuel, selling over 50 homes in his first year in real estate.

Since then, Byron has worked to get better every day. He co-founded the One & Company Team in 2017, which got its start in a basement. The team now stands as one of the national leaders in the industry, with offices across the state of Connecticut, and more expansion happening every day.

Byron got into real estate for two reasons: to help people avoid the mistakes that he made, and to take control of his life. He shares his expertise and drive with people across the country, motivating others to take ownership of their own lives.


January 11, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Get Into Real Estate

job than ever before. I guarantee a majority of you have thought about getting into real estate at some point. If you're in that position, I'm going to give you the top five reasons why you need to get into a real estate sales position, get your license and get into the industry right now.
January 4, 2022

Does your Personal Car Matter as a Real Estate Agent?

Doesn't it seem like every real estate agent drives a white BMW or Mercedes Benz?  Does every realtor need to have a fancy car for their profession? 
December 21, 2021

Government-Backed Mortgages Increase to $970,800 in 2022

Fannie Mae announced that they are raising the government mortgage limits to a record level for 2022. Does this mean we're going to have a housing crash? Are we recreating a bubble?

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